1. What is classicsolomailer.com?

Classicsolomailer.com is a credit based advertising site for members to promote their websites and affiliate links.

2. What kind of ads can I use?

We offer solo email ads, 468x60 banners (impressions), traffic (text) links with guaranteed clicks and full page sponsor ads.

3. Is this a free website?

Classicsolomailer.com is 100% free to join and free to use. You are not required to pay any fees to use our services.

4. What is the minimum payout?

All members get paid once they have reached $10 in commissions. Commissions are paid weekly to Payza, 10 days after they are earned.

5. Can I earn money for free here?

We offer a generous affiliate program. Free members earn 30% affiliate commissions on direct referrals. Members get paid on every sale - on upgrades and advertising sold.

6. How do I get free traffic?

You earn advertising credits every time you visit a member's ad. When you stock up enough credits, you then exchange them for ads you need and set them up for other members to view. You also earn free ad credits for referring new members, when your referrals earn credits and when they log into the site. You earn credits from daily activity prizes as well.

7. I want more advertising

You can purchase additional advertising or you can buy an upgrade and save time from clicking for traffic.

8. What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. Once you have paid for an upgrade of advertising our IPN system instantly delivers your items. Also your referrer gets a commissions payout based on your purchase.


Site Statement and Disclosure:  Classicsolomailer.com Is An Online Advertising Service That Pays Affiliate Commissions On Direct Referrals Only As A Reward For Promoting. Classicsolomailer.com Is Not a MLM or a matrix, Pyramid Scheme, or Get-Rich-Quick program. Classicsolomailer.com has a 1 tier affiliate program and there is NO 2nd tier affiliate program or MLM structure involved with Classicsolomailer.com at all. You will not get rich by using Classicsolomailer.com.