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Classicsolomailer.com is a site that sells  advertising. It's not an MLM, Get Rich Quick  Scheme or anything else. If someone you refer  buys advertising, you can make a commission.  You never get paid for referring someone. You do  not have to pay to use the site you can use it for free.

Credits you earn by viewing other members' sites are exchanged for advertising only and have no monetary value. You CANNOT exchange credits for cash in any way.


Any commission paid to affiliates is for the  purchase of advertising by someone you refer to  the site. There are no commissions paid for  referring anyone to the site. This is Not MLM. You  only earn a commission when someone buys advertising that you referred. You do not earn anything from ones your referrals refer.
You do not have to sell anything or refer anyone for you to purchase advertising or use this free advertising. You are not required to have a website or sell any of this advertising to use this advertising. Members who do not own a website and only promote affiliate programs are welcome to advertise on this site.
Classicsolomailer.com is here to help members get website traffic to their Internet business. Yes, you can make money, referring people who purchase advertising but the primary purpose is to get you website traffic and real clicks on your site. I am destined to get you much better advertising results.
Classicsolomailer.com offers 7 day 100% money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is important to me, so if for whatever reason you are not completely satisfied with Classicsolomailer advertising service, contact support and I will issue a full refund within 24 hours, no questions asked. No refunds are given after 8th day of any purchase.